EPRA d.o.o. is the company that specialized in the production of faucets and parts and their wholesale in Croatia and Europe. The company was founded in 1993, starting importing those products, gradually expanding its activities.
During our constant contact with the customers throuhout the years, we became aware of certain irregularities on the market. We decided to run our business with our new brand EPRA, disregarding numerous cheaper but hazardous products that were offered on the market.
Today, every EPRA product is the combination of carefully chosen components of the well known manufacturers. Choosing exclusive manufacturer names, we provide the highest quality for every single product.


Due to the longtime experience, knowledge, professional attitude and constant presence on the makret, Epra is one of the leading faucet manufacturers in Croatia. Epra’s products are available to everyone – due to the organized cooperation of its commercial and field services.
Advantages of our products are highest quality, functionality, price accessability and complete healthy products.


It is well known that faucets and similar products can contain some harmful elements such as lead, zinc, cobalt, nickel and other additives that can cause health problems. Epra’s mission is to insure that its products are of highest quality combined primarily of healthy components that exclude toxic elements. Epra’s healthy products are confirmed and verified by all permanent official controls. All our product satisfy the highest criteria of European market. Epra guarantees complete safety of its products, avoiding toxic and harmful products and elements that can be found on the market.


Meeting the increasing needs on the market, Epra is preparing new and modern faucets design.
Coming soon.