The most popular and most accaptable single-lever mixers. Their simple design and standardized dimensions made them very convenient to Croatian standardized bathrooms and kitchens. Often used for smaller appartments.



Single-lever mixers characterized with straight lines and simple design. Made for middle sized kitchens and bathrooms.



Single-lever mixers characterized with round and curved lines. For middle sized kitchens and bathroomns.

Kitchen mixers

Kuhinjske baterije

Single-lever mixers made for all types of kitchens. Products are categorized on the hot water acces (products can be made for the connection with the central heater or separate heater). Although there are many similar products on the market, Epra offers the exclusive models.



Faucets with slow and fast open cartridges. Retro design, reffering to the first faucets.

Temporized mixers and taps

Vremenska slavina

Mixers that enable the regulation of time and amount of pouring water. This type provides total control of water expenses and therefor is very cost effective. Mainly used for public places (camps, hotels, parks, bars, bathing areas…).
Available on demand.

Thermostatic mixers

Termostatske baterije

Special type of mixers that regulates the water temperature on the showerhead.
The possibility of controlling and energy saving make this product extremely cost effective.
Newest on the market.

Fauct parts

Dijelovi za slavine

All components built in Epra’s products can be bought separately, as spare parts. Along with spare parts, Epra offers wide range of products such as fittings, S.S. hoses for heaters and mixers, rubbers, traps, levers etc.